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Our creativity is guided by the following values:
We use quality natural ingredients wherever possible, synthetics are only chosen when no natural alternative exists or delivers the quality and safety you expect. We aim to avoid the use of preservatives and solvents where there is a general suspicion of their safety (e.g. parabens). We use natural colours and fragrances.
Our small team of pharmaceutical scientists have 75 years of combined knowledge. You can trust them to select traditional ingredients with significant scientific evidence.

Scarlett & George products will always include sufficient quantity of ingredients to be effective and not just to gain a listing on the pack.

Our pharmacists use their extensive experience selecting ingredients and overseeing safety testing. Scarlett & George only uses in vitro (‘in glass’ i.e. no living being) and human volunteer methods.
Scarlett & George sources its ingredients from highly reputable suppliers. We carefully select our manufacturing partners and monitor them carefully; ensuring best practice is followed at all times.
We at Scarlett & George are passionate about natural ingredients, especially those that have scientific support. Scarlett & George is your guarantee of a safe and effective product.
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