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Anyone who suffers from dry, chapped or flaky skin, especially skin prone to patches of eczema or dermatitis will know how distressing it can be. You may have been to the doctor, you may have been prescribed specialist creams, but you may never have found a maintenance cream that you’re happy with.
Vivaderm is a revolutionary new formula combining three natural herbal ingredients. Vivaderm helps improve the appearance and feel of dry skin. Formulated with people like you, prone to patches of eczema or dermatitis, in mind, regular use will help moisturise the skin leaving it feeling softer and healthy-looking.
Vivaderm contains a special blend of three herbal extracts. They have been traditionally-used for skin care. Marigold flower (Calendula), Witch Hazel (Hamamelis) and Butcher’s Broom (Ruscus) have been carefully extracted, without the use of alcohol. They work together, along with the rich emollients in Vivaderm, to soothe and restore your skin, leaving it moisturised and soft to the touch,and reducing any flakiness and minor itching.
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